InstantVap 18V

Battery Brand:
Dewalt 20v compatible
Milwaukee M18 compatible
Makita compatible
Rigid 18v Compatible
Bosch 18v Compatible

The InstantVap 18V is a top-tier, commercial-grade battery-powered oxalic acid vaporizer, ideal for both amateur and professional beekeepers. It is the highest quality unit of its kind available on the market, exclusively supplied by us in the United States, allowing us to maintain the most competitive prices and uphold exceptional standards of customer service.

This unit is manufactured in Hungary and any warranty work is conveniently carried out stateside. Please note, the InstantVap 18V does not come with batteries, which keeps the cost low and allows you to use your existing batteries.

If your battery brand isn't compatible, you can easily find battery adapters on Amazon and eBay. Most of these are universal in terms of power. We also plan to carry other brands in the future.

Key features of the InstantVap 18V include:

  • A Battery Protection System to prevent power-related issues
  • A Voltage Meter to monitor the power status
  • An adjustable plunger capable of handling 1g-4g of oxalic acid
  • A robust stainless-steel construction for durability
  • A replaceable stem for long-term usability
  • An easy-to-clean design for maintaining hygiene and effectiveness
  • Fast 25-second treatment times for efficient and time-saving usage

The InstantVap 18V is an investment in the health and sustainability of your bee colonies, providing an efficient and reliable solution to varroa mite infestations.