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Will a 20v work on the Instantvap 18v?

Instantvap 18V Battery Compatibility Guide

Understanding Your Instantvap 18V Battery Options

Choosing the right battery for your Instantvap 18V, be it the compact or original model, is crucial for optimal performance. Here’s a quick guide on what batteries are compatible and what to avoid:

  • If you select Dewalt as your battery option upon purchase, the Instantvap 18V will accept all Dewalt 20V batteries, including the versatile 20/60V models, ensuring long-lasting performance and compatibility. The larger the battery (Higher AH Rating) the longer the runtime
  • We recommend no less then a 5AH Battery
  • Avoid the Powerstack series and batteries purchased from platforms like Amazon or eBay that may appear as knockoffs. Even if they look authentic, these batteries tend to provide only one-third of the expected runtime and pose safety concerns.
  • It’s interesting to note that 20V batteries are akin to Milwaukee M18 batteries. Both peak at 20V when fully charged and operate down to 17V. Our units are designed to turn them off just above 15V to prevent any damage, ensuring your safety and the longevity of the battery.

Watch the video below for a simple explanation on battery compatibility and to learn more about maximizing your Instantvap 18V’s efficiency and safety.