$495.00 $450.00
Battery Brand:
Dewalt compatible
Milwaukee compatible
Makita compatible

This product can only be picked up during the Hive Life conference in Sevierville, TN.


All instantvaps pre ordered or bought at hive life will be the new battery protected units that cut off at 15V at no extra expense! 


The highest quality commercial battery powered unit on the market! We are the only US supplier/partner to help keep consumer costs as low as possible while pushing quality and customer service per usual. Manufactured in Hungary, Ships free domestically And all warranty work done state side.


Does NOT come with battery’s. We do not want to mark up the battery’s as they are already pricy. The goal is for people to save money by using them with their existing batterys.

IF you have a brand not carried amazon and ebay sell battery adapters, most are universal as far as power goes and we hope to carry other brands in the future.


Instructional Video coming soon!




Key features!

-Battery powered

-Voltage meter

-Adjustable plunger 1g-4g

-Stainless steel

-Replaceable Stem

-Easy to clean!

-25s treatment times!