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Who is Lori?

About Lori at Lorobbees - Our Beekeeping Journey

Meet Lori: The Heart of Lorobbees

As Rob Pollock, the founder of Lorobbees, I've had the privilege of building this beekeeping business with the unwavering support of my mom, Lori. Our journey into beekeeping began with a simple need for pollinators in our family's garden, especially for our blackberries. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a passion and eventually a thriving business.

Lori is instrumental in nearly every aspect of our operations. Her roles include:

  • Responding to customer emails promptly
  • Maintaining inventory accuracy
  • Resolving order discrepancies directly with customers
  • Fulfilling orders with care and precision
  • Assisting in the production of units and accessories in our shop

But that barely scratches the surface of the value she brings to Lorobbees. Lori is not just a part of the business; she's at the heart of it, sharing her warmth and dedication at nearly every beekeeping conference we attend, including the North American Honey Bee Expo. For more information on the expo and tickets, visit NAHB Expo.

Lori's involvement is a testament to our commitment to not just beekeeping, but to building a community around it. Watch the video to learn more about Lori's role and our beekeeping journey.