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INSTANTVap 18V Compact

The fastest oxalic acid vaporizer on the market,

Got a swarm?

Follow the link below to our step by step directions on how to properly treat a new swarm with an oxalic acid vaporizer.


Carrying Cases

Imagine keeping an instantvap with you, on the ready at all times? Now that's EASY!

Check this out!


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The Quick Dry sure is QUICK

In less then 1 second you are able to get a gross weight of your mite wash sample.

Graft In Comfort!

Our sampling trays also have a second feature that allows you to graft inside of your vehicle.

Dont like counting bees?

This Quick Dry device will give you a perfect count from your mite wash in seconds!


Just shake the bees onto the tray, Its really that easy.

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