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Instantvap 18v Accessories

Instantvap 18v Accessories

Take your beekeeping practice to the next level with our range of high-quality accessories specially designed for the Instantvap 18v. These accessories are handpicked to enhance your beekeeping experience and to provide the utmost convenience and efficiency in maintaining your hives.

Explore the robust Instantvap Spare Plunger, designed to offer precise control for the treatment process. With our Quick Cleaning Caps, you can ensure your Instantvap is always clean and ready for action, maximizing its longevity and performance.

The Instantvap Carrying Case is a must-have for beekeepers on the move. Sturdy, compact, and designed for easy transport, it ensures your Instantvap is always safe and ready for your beekeeping adventures.

Our Apymaye Washers and Insulation Roof are essential for maintaining a healthy hive. The washers help secure your hive while the Insulation Roof provides optimal temperature control, fostering a thriving environment for your bees.

Browse through our selection of Instantvap 18v's accessories and elevate your beekeeping experience today!

Instantvap 18v Units

Instantvap 18v Units

Introducing the Instantvap, the superior oxalic acid vaporizer that's compatible with a broad range of major brand batteries within the USA. Here are the brands we currently support:

DeWalt (20v or 20v/60v)

Milwaukee (M18)

Makita (18v LXT)

Rigid (18v)

Bosch (GBA/ProCore 18V)

Each unit is precision-engineered to ensure compatibility with the specific battery connector of these brands. As a standard, all our Instantvap units come equipped with a low voltage protection system, providing a secure and reliable operation.

Please note, batteries are not included with the unit. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend using a 5AH or larger battery to power your Instantvap unit.

Experience the highest quality in beekeeping equipment with Instantvap. Order yours today!

Lorobbees Units

Lorobbees Units

Welcome to the world of Lorobbees Oxalic Acid Vaporizers. Created with passion and precision, our vaporizers are handmade right here in the USA by our dedicated team at Lorobbees. Each piece we produce is a testament to our commitment to quality, affordability, and the empowerment of beekeepers.

We offer two meticulously designed models, each capable of treating up to 4g per use. These vaporizers are built to ensure optimal efficacy in maintaining the health of your colonies. Our models offer the flexibility to treat either from the front or the back of the colony, catering to your preferred method of treatment.

Choose between our models based on your needs and treatment preferences. Whether you're a beginner beekeeper or a seasoned apiarist, our vaporizers are designed to provide a seamless and effective treatment process.

Discover the Lorobbees difference with our Oxalic Acid Vaporizers. Join the ranks of satisfied beekeepers who trust us for their beekeeping needs. Browse our selection today!