Does the InstantVap only work with oxalic acid?

Yes, it's designed exclusively for Oxalic Acid.

How much oxalic acid does the cup hold?

The blue measuring caps and the adjustable plungers measure out 4 grams of oxalic acid.

My lorobbees corded unit will not heat up

We're sorry to hear that your corded unit isn't functioning as expected. To determine whether the heater may be at fault, please check the following:

1.Verify the power source you are using is functioning properly.
2.Test the unit with an alternate power source.
3.Confirm that the temperature display reads close to the current air temperature.
4.Check if the "Out1" light is on and displaying a solid red color.

If your unit passes these checks—meaning the display is accurate and the "Out1" light is solid red—this typically indicates that the controller is operational, but the heater component might have failed.

For resolving this issue, you have two options:

1. For those who are handy and prefer a quick fix, the heater is user-replaceable. It requires undoing just two bolts, with no need for soldering. Replacement parts are available on our website at reasonable prices.

2. Alternatively, we offer a full repair service. You can send the unit to us for a comprehensive overhaul, which includes any necessary repairs to bring your unit back to a 'like-new' state. Please mail your unit to 9807 Jonathan Ct, Middle River, MD 21220, with a note specifying the repairs you'd like us to perform. The typical labor fee is around $25, plus a shipping cost of about $15 via UPS Ground.

Let's get your vaporizer up and running again soon!

Oxalic acid will not stay in plunger

Simply add a few drops of water, shake the bag and try again. Less is more.

What batteries are required for the InstantVap?

Use a battery with a minimum of 5 Amp Hours (AH) for optimal performance.

For dewalt do not use the PowerStack sub model.

Will the silicone roof fit the instantvap compact design?

Yes, it will fit, though it will overhang a little.

How can I buy the InstantVap Compact?

It's available for pre-order with in-person pickup at the Louisville show in 2024.

Any cupon codes currently available?

There are no current coupon codes. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on promotions.

Can oxalic acid be used with honey supers on?

Yes, if using Api-Bioxial, check the bag for specific instructions.

I'd like to order this as a surprise gift. Is it returnable if he doesn't want it?

Yes, if it is unused, it is returnable. Mention it's a gift in the order notes.

When will my order ship?

Orders ship within 2 business days, excluding transit time. Check your email (and spam) for confirmation.

How do I preorder for the NAHBE 2024?

Pre-orders are open. Visit Lorobbees.com and click on "Shop" then "NAHBE 2024" to pre-order.

Comparison between the Instantvaps

Size and Ergonomics:

  • Original InstantVap 18V: Standard size with robust design.
  • Compact InstantVap: More compact, ergonomic, and notably more rigid handle for enhanced stability and ease of use.

Temperature Control and Feedback:

  • Original InstantVap 18V: Features a battery voltage readout and PID display for temperature monitoring.
  • Compact InstantVap: Simple LED system flashes specific patterns for ease of use and improved ergonomics.

Treatment Speed:

  • Original InstantVap 18V: Standard treatment speed.
  • Compact InstantVap: Faster treatment times due to improved temperature control.

Temperature Management:

  • Original InstantVap 18V: Basic temperature management with visual monitoring through the PID display.
  • Compact InstantVap: Enhanced accuracy in temperature control to prevent overheating, with simplified LED feedback.

Plunger Storage:

  • Both models: Adjustable plungers with flexibility from 1g-4g of oxalic acid and spare plunger storage in the handle.


  • Original InstantVap 18V: Robust stainless-steel construction.
  • Compact InstantVap: Ergonomic, robust stainless-steel construction with more rigid handle, preventing tilting forward.

Stem Design:

  • Original InstantVap 18V: Replaceable stem designed for extended product life.
  • Compact InstantVap: Replaceable, low positioned brass stem, also designed for extended product life.

Battery Protection System:

  • Both models: Equipped with advanced battery protection systems to safeguard against power issues.