Where are these vaporizers made?

All of the Lorobbees units are made in our family shop located in baltimore, MD

The Instantvap is imported from a beekeeper in hungary. We are his only distributor in the US and will be preforming all warranty work state side if needed.

How do I get power to the bee yard?

There are a couple of options.

If you are just in your back yard, perhaps an extension cord will do the trick.

If your hives are farther than an extension cord could reach, you can either hook an inverter up to a car battery or marine battery or you can use a generator. 

You can also purchase a portable power station, but that’s another big expense.

Personally, I use a Harbor Freight inverter that’s rated at 750w which is an affordable solution that I have used for years and connect that to a battery that I have on hand truck that I take out to the bee yard.

My mom uses the portable power station because she doesn’t want to wheel around the big battery LOL

What is the difference between the original vaporizer and the “Macro” unit

The design is different on the cup and aluminum portion of the unit only.  The mechanics are the same.  

The original unit: Is to be used to treat from the back of the hive by drilling a ¼” hole in the back of the wooden box.  Do not drill larger than this or the girls will use it as an entrance.  Be sure to plug the hole with a golf tee, nail, etc so the girls don’t close it off on you between treatments.

The Macro unit: is designed for front entrance treatment.  This is something the commercial/larger yard beekeepers requested as they did not want to take the time to drill in the back of every hive and when they have their hives on pallets, they can’t get to the back of their hives without moving each one.

So, it basically comes down to personal preference on your choice of how you wish to treat your hives for mites.

How much oxalic acid does the cup hold?

2 grams of oxalic acid per cap, unpacked.

Do you have a warranty?

We have a one-year limited warranty.  If you leave it outside for the weather to get to it or if the unit is exposed to water, it is not covered under the warranty as this is an electrical product and should be treated with care.  Practically everything else is covered.  If you have ANY issues with your unit, you simply contact me, through email, cell or chat on this website and I’ll address any concerns.  Sometimes the unit can be fixed at your home and sometimes you need to ship it back to me.  I just ask that you pay for this shipping to me and I’ll repair, retest the unit and ship it back.  Should there be any charge to you by something not covered due to mis-use, I will speak with you prior to repair.  Because we make these units right here, I have parts readily available to address any issue you may have.

What is included in the Lorobbees OAV purchase?

In each box, you will get the unit, a spoon, and 5 caps.

What if I bought an original unit and would prefer the “Macro”, do I have to buy an entirely new unit?

No!  I designed the macro unit so that you do not need to purchase an entirely different unit.  I sell the “conversion kit” that is basically the new cup set and washer/insulation.  The one thing that you may struggle with is the aluminum neck that sits on the box at the bottom of the box has to be cut out for the new stem to fit as it sits lower than the aluminum.  If you are handy, you should have no problem with this.  The cup is easy to assemble and comes with instructions.

Can i call Lorobbees?

Sure! Being a small family business we all have day jobs so generally we respond to voicemails left early in the day during the evening time.

You may call or text me directly any time with any questions or concers you may have with any of your oxalic acid vaporization equitment.

If you unit is not functioning correctly please email us at Lorobbees@gmail.com so that we can get your warranty/repair work sorted out promptly.

Owner Cell Phone- Rob @4106186013