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Service and Warranty

Instantvap Warranty and Service Information

Instantvap Warranty and Service FAQ

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction includes a robust 2-year parts warranty for all our Instantvap units. Here’s everything you need to know about our warranty service:

  • 2-Year Parts Warranty: All Instantvap units come with a 2-year warranty covering parts, ensuring your beekeeping operations run smoothly.
  • In-House Servicing: All warranty and repair work is conducted in-house by our skilled technicians, ensuring your unit is in capable hands.
  • Service Form: To initiate a service request, please download and print our Lorob Bees Service Form. Use the shipping address found at the bottom of the form for sending your damaged unit.
  • Packaging: Ensure your unit is adequately packaged. Lorob Bees is not responsible for shipping damages resulting from poor packaging.
  • Service Timeline: Most service work is completed within just a few days after the unit arrives at our facility.
  • Out-of-Warranty Work: Any work outside the warranty will be quoted and sent for approval before commencing. Our hourly rate is $25 for service, plus the cost of parts.

We strive to keep parts pricing reasonable for repairs because we understand accidents happen, and we aim for your Instantvap unit to support your beekeeping operation for many years.