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Plunger capacity

Instantvap 18V Plunger Capacity Guide

Instantvap 18V Plunger Capacity and Adjustment Guide

The Instantvap 18V, available in both compact and original models, utilizes a precision-engineered stainless steel plunger designed for easy and accurate oxalic acid dosage adjustments. Here’s how to utilize the plunger effectively:

  • The plunger's fine thread screw facilitates effortless adjustments. Simply twist the top of the plunger and observe the sight window on the side of the tube to adjust between 1-4g of oxalic acid.
  • Each of the four points visible through the sight window corresponds to 1g increments of oxalic acid, allowing for precise dosage tailored to your colony's size.
  • There’s no need to reset the plunger between hives, except when altering the dosage size to cater to smaller or larger colonies.
  • Caution: Avoid extending the plunger beyond the 4g mark, as this may jam the mechanism and necessitate plunger replacement.
  • A second plunger can conveniently be stored in the handle of both units, optimizing efficiency for beekeepers managing diverse frame sizes within their apiaries.

To save time, especially for those with both 10 frame hardware and 5 frame nucs, consider having one plunger set at each size. Swapping plungers is faster than adjusting them between hives. Find a spare plunger here.